New Video Tutorial for the Booga Bag Coming Soon!

It looks like the most popular video idea is “picking up stitches around the bottom of the bag”. I know when I was a new¬†knitter, this was an awkward thing for me to do, so I’m going to get together a video and post it in the next week of so.

If you have any other video ideas, let me know in the comments!

I’m also leaving the poll open, so feel free to vote if you haven’t done so yet.


3 thoughts on “New Video Tutorial for the Booga Bag Coming Soon!

  1. Ruthanne Bohrer-Agosa

    I am having a very difficult time with the 9 stitch double I-cord straps on the Elizabeth bag. A tutorial would be great!

    1. boogaj Post author

      I’ll do that! Thanks for visiting and letting me know. The 9 stitch double i-cord does look really weird whenyou start it. I’ll post a video!


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